The fan club beginnings… Part VI (The legend of Buddy Bolden)

Posted on November 10th, 2005 in iTunes, Podcast, Septet, Video | Tags: itunes, podcast, septet, video

“…Buddy Bolden could play so loud, he could make the rain stay up in the sky.
Then he could turn around and play a song so sweet, it would make your mama cry…”

(Extract from Wynton’s book: “Sweet Swing Blues on the road”)

Perugia (Italy), 1993.
Wynton is at Umbria Jazz festival with his septet.
Here he plays the tune entitled The legend of Buddy Bolden (Quicktime 7 required – 26.6 mb). Enjoy this wonderful solo !

(Click on the link to open it directly, or right-click to save the clip on your hard disk)

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