Santa Cruz in Quotes

Posted on June 17th, 2006 in Tour | Tags: tour

“Incredible. I volunteer for years here and for me to see Wynton is truly great. He brings class from the past.”
—Jennifah, Santa Cruz (Also a DJ with KUSP, a local radio station with 43,000 listeners)

“Fabulous interplay between musicians.”
—Rosalind, LaSelvea Beach

“Stunning, nice variety of jazz. I wish he played longer!”
—Jake, Santa Cruz

“Not only is the music great, Wynton is a great jazz educator. I use his curriculum and teachings for a music apprecation class.”
—Rita Barber, Rio Del Mar

“To hear Wynton play is amazing. It’s my second time in an intimate environment like this with Wynton. I love his music, especially ‘Sunflowers’.”
—Misha, Santa Cruz

“I enjoyed performing tonight. Wynton liked it too!”
—Kevin Lee, our magician/comedian. He juggled an orange, knife, and apple (and took a bite out of the apple while he juggled!)

“Come out and check us out. This show was better than usual.”
—The bassist Carlos (a self-declared non-Lakers fan)

On to Santa Barbara. I hope these updates are finding you well, just as the bed will find me in 3, 2, 1….Good Night!