San Diego in Words

Posted on June 19th, 2004 in Quintet, Tour | Tags: quintet, tour

While I’m writing this post on my Dell Laptop, I am listening to the show. Actually, if I look to the left, I can see the show from my hotel room balcony. We are staying at Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn and Suites. Some hotels have views of the skyline or ocean. This one has the view of the Wynton Marsalis Quintet.

The show opened with Peter Cincote, a jazz combo. He was funny in introducing a song. “If there’s something all Germans like to say…” Then he started to sing, “I love Paris in the springtime.” Some thought Peter’s performance was mediocre others raved over it. I was at the merchandise desk after Peter’s show and many were asking for CDs, but he didn’t have any to sell.

Then Kevin Lee our magician took the show and made many laugh. He asked a smoker to give him their cigarettes. He took one cigarette out and dirtied it, then put it back in the pack. “She’s gonna stop smoking now!”

The show started with the usual songs “Free to Be,” “You and Me,” and “Big Fat Hen.” It was more chill in that there was little chatter between the songs. Mr. Marsalis didn’t say much. Top Professor E. Lewis ended the song with an extended solo piano part which finally faded out into nothing. That was it.

The audience roared for an encore. An airplane whistled above and the band re-took the stage. I looked off the balcony and saw the twinkling lights of the houses. The sailboats were docked next to the palm trees. Wynton said, “A man just requested Donna Lee. ‘Is it a myth or can you still play it?’” Wynton continued, “I didn’t know it was a myth.” And the fast paced song began. Donna Lee is one of my favorites, ever since I heard Jaco Pastorius perform it on his untitled album.

A flurry of notes it was, rolling into an avalance of sound. I felt bad for Carlos hunched over the bass having to keep those changes going. But he’s a pro, right?