On the Road…Davis, California

Posted on June 15th, 2004 in Tour | Tags: tour

It’s hotter than Georgia asphalt on a summer day out here. Davis, California, home to University of California-Davis, is host to the quintet’s next performance. I just met up with the band; saw Mr. Marsalis after he came back from a basketball game.

Right now the quintet is practicing in Wynton’s room, and then we’re off to sound check and the performance. Let’s hope the show finishes before the fourth quarter of the Lakers-Pistons game :)

There is excitement in the air around the venue. It reminds me of Brent Reidy, a composer, who says of Wynton: “The ‘Young Lion’ hasn’t lost his roar…I love Wynton from the 80s, from the 90s, and from today. He is a chameleon that shifts through styles and ideas with grace and never forgets his classical roots in the process.”


Downtown Davis

I’ll post more pictures from the show and the trip tonight.