Live Webcast April 24th!  “Ballad of American Arts” at Miami University

Posted on April 20th, 2012 in Education | Tags: blues, education, miami university, streaming, swing

Tune in Tuesday, April 24th at 4PM EST as Wynton delivers his acclaimed speech, “The Ballad of American Arts,” as Miami University’s Year of the Arts keynote address. Immediately following his presentation, he will take questions from the audience. Follow the livestream here:

The Year of the Arts at Miami University has been designated by President David C. Hodge for 2011-2012 to signify the importance of the arts at Miami University in the core educational mission of the institution, while celebrating the arts through a diverse array of special presentations and signature events. With over 200 performances, exhibitions, lectures, and creative collaborations that take place annually, the “Year of the Arts” shines a spotlight on the regional, national, and global impact of the arts at Miami.