Kurt Masur talks about Wynton and “All Rise”

Posted on November 30th, 2003 in All Rise, Interview | Tags: all rise, interview

The German conductor Kurt Masur has been recently interviewed by the Boston Globe about Wynton Marsalis’ oratorio “All Rise”.
“I was so impressed,” Masur said. “I thought: This guy is so talented as a composer he can do even more than he already has. Nobody has continued in the way of Ellington and Kenton, writing symphonic jazz. I called him and he came to my office, and he told me, No, because he said he had never learned to compose and orchestrate for the symphony orchestra. Three years later he called me again and said: Mr. Masur, I would like to talk to you. I think I could do a piece for the New York Philharmonic and my band.”

Maestro Masur, also spoke about the concert he did with Wynton, in Paris, on January 2003. (we have some video clips of that concert).

Read the full interview on Boston Globe