Jam session in Boston with Wynton Marsalis and Marcus Roberts

Wynton sprang a surprise on the Symphony Hall audience that came to hear his “All Rise” Wednesday.
Jazz pianist Marcus Roberts showed up and improvised a solo in one of the movements of Marsalis’s blues oratorio, temporarily sitting in for the regular pianist of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, 18-year-old Aaron Diehl. At encore time, Roberts joined Wynton for an impromptu jam session…
And last night at the Biarritz Lounge in Roxbury trombonist Andre Hayward, a Boston-based member of Marsalis’s orchestra, hosted a jam session (like the kind he and friends have every Sunday) that included Roberts, Wynton and Wes Anderson.

(source: Boston Globe)

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    ELI PEDRO DA SILVA on Sep 24th, 2007 at 12:23am