Davis in Words

Posted on June 16th, 2004 in Tour | Tags: tour

The concert brought produced many smiles for the audience. We all smile in the same language, and it was quite apparent tonight. Wynton opened up saying “We’ll play songs from the Magic Hour and other songs.” He proceeded to make some playful-gentlemen faces, and the audience responded with laughter.

In the first composition, Pianist E. Lewis’s solo danced with fleeting randomness. It seemed as if he were grabbing notes from thin air, a Houdini at the piano, meticulously extracting himself from the delicate folds to harmonic safety.

I was sitting stage left for a few moments listening in. It made some of the music difficult to hear but I could make out most of it. Carlos’s bass solo was indeed playful. He quietly sings while he plays his solo, making for a duet between his quiet voice and thumping fingers.

The second song began with a rapid-fast segue from the first song. The audience had just started clapping their applause…the quintent took off into a song full of Carribean Delight. Wynton used a plunger, crying to the top of his runs, then fading away like a dead horse. Or a whimper after Smarty Jones didn’t win the Triple Crown.

My favorite part was later in the performance when Mr. Marsalis cuts the plunger and cutesy lines :) I like it when he wails. He started one his “stanky” lines, which was proceeded by an audible grunt for two beats. Moanin’!