Davis in Quotes

Posted on June 16th, 2004 in Tour | Tags: tour

I did a random sampling of people after the performance. Here are some comments from folks walking out of the show in Davis:

“It was incredible. That’s it!”
—Carrie, Sacramento

“Different experience for me but still quite enjoyable.”
—Ron, Sacramento

“He’s truly beautiful. I’ve always been a big fan and my favorite is his Christmas CD.”
Ann, Woodland

Our magnificent magician Kevin Lee said of his time on the road:
“It’s a wonderful experience to be on tour. I’m loving it, so are the crowds, and so is Wynton—everyone loves magic! This is my first tour with a jazz magician.”
Kevin will be performing in Washington DC on the weekend of July 4.

More on Kevin and the rest of the crew later.

I’ll try to get more candid shots and write more updates as we go. I have to go to sleep. It’s an early call tomorrow. We have a three hour ride down to Santa Cruz. Adios.