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Free download of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis performing Wynton’s composition “Sanctified Blues” from Congo Square during their Cuban tour, a sneak preview from the JLCO’s upcoming CD “Five Nights In Havana”, coming out in 2012.

60 Minutes – Wynton Marsalis with JLCO in Cuba (Part I)

The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra (JLCO) is featured throughout both segments. In 1988 Wynton formed the JLCO by combining the members of his Septet with former members of the Duke Ellington Orchestra . Learn more about the current JLCO.

00:46 The JLCO is performing “Things to Come”, composed by Dizzy Gillespie arranged by Gil Fuller

02:46 Wynton is standing in Rose Hall at Jazz at Lincoln Center, Learn more about “The House of Swing“ – The Emmy winning “Spirit of New Orleans” was filmed with Wynton in this hall. Watch the video

03:26 Wynton Marsalis Quintet is rehearsing the “Razor Rim” in London. “Razor Rim” is from the album “He and She“

03:40 Ed Bradley Interview – Watch the full 60 minutes profile with Ed Bradley.

04:12 Wynton is playing his composition: Spring Yaounde Watch the full song performed live in Cuba – Wynton first recorded “Spring Yaounde” on his Septet album Citi Movement

05:10 Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. check out the bios of all members.

06:02 “Louis” a silent film is mentioned. In August 2010, Wynton traveled around the US performing his music for a silent film by Dan Pritzker based on the childhood of Louis Armstrong. Learn more at the official website

06:22 Wynton has logged over 3,000,000 miles on the road in his career. Check out all of the cities he’s performed.

07:12 Eric Clapton. In April 2011 Eric Clapton joined Wynton at Jazz at Lincoln Center for three concerts focused on the blues. This collaboration was recorded and an album is scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2011 Lean more here

07:05 Barbican Residency. In June, 2010 Jazz at Lincoln Center had a performance and education residency at the Barbican. To learn more click here

08:00 The JLCO performs New Orleans Bump – Wynton first recorded Jelly Roll Morton’s piece on his album: Mr. Jelly Lord Standard Time Vol. 6

08:32 The JLCO is performing Benny Carter’s Symphony in Riffs. A few years ago Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Educational program Essentially Ellington provided 1,525 charts of “Symphony in Riffs“ to high schools around the country.

08:58 Duke piece. Duke Centennial at JALC.

09:40 The JLCO is performing Thelonious Monk’s “Round Midnight” arranged by Dizzy Gillespie

10:14 Wynton’s Swing Symphony is featured. Watch the world premiere of “Swing Symphony” with the Berlin Philharmonic through the Berliner Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall

10:45 Wynton starts a discussion with Morley Safer about US Culture and Education – Watch his 2009 speech “Ballad of American Arts”

11:04 Essentially Ellington is featured. Learn about JALC’s educational initiatives

60 Minutes – Wynton Marsalis with JLCO in Cuba (Part II)

01:37 Second Line video of Congo Square in New Orleans

01:57 The song featured is: 2 3’s Adventure composed by JLCO bassist Carlos Henriquez

03:52 Chucho Valdes is featured. Read more about Chucho Valdes and JALC’s cultural exchange

04:30 Ted Nash is soloing on Shade of Jade by Joe Henderson arr. Carlos Henriquez

05:44 Wynton visits a school. Learn more about Wynton’s Education initiative

08:58 The JLCO is rehearsing Nueva Orleans composed by Chucho Valdes. Chucho wrote this song in honor of the Marsalis family. Check out his latest album

10:12 Wynton is playing “Embraceable You” With Chucho Valdes. – Watch Wynton and Chucho performing “Embraceable You” live in Havana. Wynton recorded “Embraceable You” a few times. Here’s one from “Live at the Village Vanguard”

11:48 “Music transcends, we create community.” Read more about Wynton’s thoughts on the relationship between jazz and everyday life in his book – Moving to Higher Ground, “How Jazz Can Change Your Life”. No prior jazz knowledge needed to read!

12:02 Second Line through Havana: in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina Wynton took the JLCO and Yacub Addy and Odadda! To New Orleans to perform his composition “Congo Square”. Check out this street video from when the band second lined throughout the neighbourhoods of New Orleans.