After the feast

Posted on June 15th, 2004 in Tour | Tags: tour

We just finished a meal of BBQ chicken, tangy salad, and Pepsi. Coming from Atlanta, I was a bit offended. It seems like Sacramento/Davis is a Pepsi bastion. After watching the opening ceremonies of the Pistons-Lakers game, we came back to the hotel to rest. I took some photos of the sound check.

Have you heard of Mondavi? Yeah, the wine guy. The quintet is playing at a performing arts center named for Mondavi. The architecture is breathtaking. To be sure, I’m a neophyte at architectural design, but this place blends a smooth, delicate newness with peppery shades of orange (Eat your heart out, wine reviewers!)

I have to get ready for the performance. I’ll be in the lobby most of the time with the magician but will sneak in and out of the performance. Has anyone heard “The Magic Hour?” If so, what is your favorite track?