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  • San Diego in Quotes

    Posted on June 19th, 2004 in Quintet, Tour | 0

    “Hard to put into words. Awe inspiring. I know Wynton is talented but Eric Lewis is a nationwide talent. I’m glad all the young musicians can shine.” —Kurt, Coronado “Great! Smooth in the upper and middle registers.” —Mark, Bloomington “Outstanding.” —Cameron, San Diego What’s your quote?   Keep reading »

  • San Diego in Pictures

    Posted on June 19th, 2004 in Photo, Quintet, Tour | 0

    I’m about to leave for L.A. Here are some pictures to hold you over. Carl Vigeland on the right. He co-wrote Wynton’s book “The Bittersweet Blues of Life.” The venue. The view from my room. Boats.   Keep reading »

  • Initial Pictures & Thoughts of L.A.

    Posted on June 19th, 2004 in Photo, Tour | 0

    It’s true that everyone is beautiful in L.A. I walked into the Mondrian Hotel and got what I expected — simple beauty complete with white linen clothes floating through the doorways graced by the favonian winds. Here are some initial photographs of the hotel. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to write tonight. It is L.A. after all. And I am young. Wynton throws the football at a gas station while we stopped for gas. The Comedy Store across the street from our hotel. Our comedian/magician Kevin Lee has performed there. Care to…   Keep reading »

  • Santa Barbara in Pictures

    Posted on June 18th, 2004 in Photo, Tour | 2

    The soundcheck for the San Diego show is going on. I can see the quintet outside of my hotel window rehearsing on stage. Last night was unbelievable. People use the word “unbelievable” quite a lot. But imagine it wasn’t overused and you weren’t jaded by it. It was unbelievable… I didn’t have internet access yesterday. Sorry for the delay. “Murph” — the tour manager catches some z’s on the long ride from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara Drummer Ali crosses the street back (notice his good form of checking for cars) to the hotel after playing a…   Keep reading »

  • Santa Barbara in Words

    Posted on June 18th, 2004 in Quintet, Tour | 0

    Kevin Lee our magician opened the performance. The stage was in a no frills auditorium. It was back to basics with the halls, the littlest decor possible. It reminded me of EPCOT and the land or ocean exhibit. The ceiling looked like a layered cake, adding layers as it approached the stage. Celeste, one of the directors, introduced Kevin onto the stage. Kevin juggled a torch of fire and then blew fire. Quite spectacular, and the audience was impressed. I feel bad for the fellow named “Salut” in the audience — Kevin picked on him and brought him on stage. Wynton…   Keep reading »

  • Santa Cruz in Pictures

    Posted on June 17th, 2004 in Tour | 0

    A really long night. Went to the Kuumbwa Jazz Center around 6 and just got back. Behold the confluence of digital photography and jazz. Sound check at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center. Whose purse is that? Walter Blanding, Jr. blowing during sound check. The group minus Wynton at sound check. “Top Professor” E. Lewis while his fingers take flight. The newly wed Carlos cleans his bass. Walter Blanding, Jr. is engaged in a deep conversation with Drue Kataoka, an artist who paints jazz images. Drue, of course, is thinking “How much longer do I have to listen to this guy?” Kidding aside,…   Keep reading »

  • New tour dates for Wynton and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra

    Posted on June 17th, 2004 in Concerts, Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Tour | 0

    We have just updated the summer european 2004 tour schedule for Wynton and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. Check the new tour dates   Keep reading »

  • Santa Cruz in Words

    Posted on June 17th, 2004 in Tour | 0

    The Quintet performed at the quaint Kuumbwa Jazz Center. Wynton hadn’t performed with a small group there since 1981 when he was playing with Art Blakey. The hall begs to be a “small, smokey jazz club,” but it isn’t small enough or smokey enough. Though it serves as a fine West Coast jazz establishment. Kevin Lee our venerable magician opened the show and warmed up the crowd. He made a beer bottle disappear in a plastic bag, made a rubber dove appear, and performed his laudable “cracker” trick. Ask him to show you if you see him. I walked…   Keep reading »

  • Davis in Pictures

    Posted on June 16th, 2004 in Tour | 0

    I just got back from the In-and-Out Burger Joint. They make their french fries from scratch, peeling the potatoes in front of your eyes. A delicious way to end the night — burger and a shake. But enough about my belly. On to the photographs of the performance. Some pictures aren’t that great because either the camera fouled up or the camera man (Who moi?) fouled up, most likely the latter. Enjoy. Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts — Mondavi gave $10 million to have the building named for him. It’s beautiful. Tom Peters, the famed business writer, suggests to visit…   Keep reading »

  • Davis in Words

    Posted on June 16th, 2004 in Tour | 0

    The concert brought produced many smiles for the audience. We all smile in the same language, and it was quite apparent tonight. Wynton opened up saying “We’ll play songs from the Magic Hour and other songs.” He proceeded to make some playful-gentlemen faces, and the audience responded with laughter. In the first composition, Pianist E. Lewis’s solo danced with fleeting randomness. It seemed as if he were grabbing notes from thin air, a Houdini at the piano, meticulously extracting himself from the delicate folds to harmonic safety. I was sitting stage left for a few moments listening in.…   Keep reading »