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  • Photo: Wynton’s masterclass in Marciac

    Posted on August 4th, 2007 in Masterclass, Photo, Special report | 3

    Yesterday and today, Wynton gave some masterclass for the guys in Marciac. On August 3, 2007, at 4 pm, the first masterclass was for the kids at Marciac’s College, while the second one, today, was for kids that still do not play an instrument at Marciac’s school. Wynton explained the history of jazz, the fundamental of rhythm, the swing, the shuffle, how to play the blues and so on. One of the young kids also played chorus from “Now’s the Time”, with Wynton playing the piano. During the two masterclass he had the precious collaboration of Victor Goines and he…   Keep reading »

  • Wynton and The Lancaster Symphony Orchestra to perform

    Posted on March 6th, 2006 in Concerts, Masterclass | 3

    On March 15, Wynton is coming to Lancaster County to join the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra in concert at the American Music Theatre at 7:30 p.m The concert will benefit St. James Episcopal Church’s Anchorage breakfast program for the poor and homeless in Downtown Lancaster and the Orchestra’s Sound Discovery educational programs. Tickets for the concert are available by calling the American Music Theatre at (800) 648-4102 or logging on at www.americanmusictheatre.com On March 16, the morning following the concert, Wynton will be giving a master class for students from the Lancaster City schools. With the partnership of the Pennsylvania…   Keep reading »

  • Wynton coaches 30 college-age, younger pupils in special class

    Posted on September 6th, 2003 in Masterclass | 0

    About 30 students were given a renewed sense of inspiration, Friday after an hourlong class at the Eastman School of Music with Wynton. Students from the School of the Arts, Hochstein Music School, Eastman School of Music jazz department and Eastman’s Community Education Division came together to be conducted and coached by Wynton. Although many of the students were nervous about the class, Marsalis’ laid-back personality kept the classroom filled with laughter. Marsalis said he treats students the way he would want to be treated: “Tell me the truth but give me some love and some feeling” he said. Read…   Keep reading »