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Northwestern speech


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RE: Your rained out Speech!


Thank you ! That was deep and truly very, very meaningful. Not just to graduates but to me and everybody. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul. I understand that the rain got in the way of your delivery at commencement, so you should send it out to each and every graduate there and everywhere. It seems just what we need to know and to hear in the Here and Now!!


For you ...what is next? You achieved your dream all because you dream big. You, large as life, remain humble in the face of others. And it’s true if you are humble to yourself, it makes it far easier and more special as you humble yourself to others.


Keep it up baby! I am beyond proud of you and gracious that your words touch me as much as, if not more than your music.






God Bless You…


I love you…



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HI Wynton

I would like to thanks for your great comment. I can share with you for more information and great music



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