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Stage 1 New York 7 trumpet


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I recently played this trumpet while in New York when my college wind ensemble played at Carnegie Hall. It is truly the best trumpet I have ever played and I’ve played: Lawler, Bach, Yamaha, Besson, Kanstul, Stomvi, harrelson, etc…

Does anyone in Florida own this trumpet and is considering selling it. If not, I would just love another chance to play this amazing horn. New York is way up there and I’m way down here…


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I recently played trumpet, its gives different experience for me. Also I like to play more different types of trumpet like Besson, Kanstul, Stomvi, harrelson. I am looking forward for another chance to play this.




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I am not a sponsor, or owner of a Stage One trumpet, so I give this opinion freely. Felix Feyser has designed a line of trumpets that respond as good or better than any of the other boutique trumpets out there. His designs in coordination with Anton Possegger are particularly impressive. I was very impressed with the Stage 1 California lite. Felix has a small show room in NY..on an upstairs floor in the Charles Colin building on West 53rd street. Felix is great. easy to talk to, and knows what he is doing. (His prices are good too!)