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Fathers and Sons


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Does anyone know if “Fathers and Sons” was ever released on CD? If so, can it be found anywhere?

This is the only Wynton recording I’ve never been able to locate. It is a double bill with Chico Freeman recorded in 1982.


Any info would be appreciated. Thanks guys.




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loweredsixth: Maybe this will help…

A few leads to direct you to this recording!

Chico Freeman:


CBS FC 37972


From Branford’s discography list: “Latest cd issue no. SRCS - 7095 Japan”


Also found references to this cd: For Fathers And Sons. Recorded 1981.


From Von Freeman home page:


Rec. CBS Recording Studios, New York rel. 1982.

Von Freeman (ts), Chico Freeman (ts 6-9), Kenny Barron (p 6-9), Cecil McBee (b 6-9), Jack DeJohnette (d 6-9)

Wynton, Branford and Ellis Marsalis (1-5), Charles Fambrough (b 1-5), James Black (d 1-5)

1.Twelve’s It (4:20)

2.A Joy Forever (3:58)

3.Nostalgic Impressions (4:58)

4.Futuristic (4:08)

5.Lush Life (Billy Strayhorn) (4:21)

6.Jug Ain’t Gone (3:50)

7.Time Marches On (5:35)

8.I Can’t Get Started (Vernon Duke & Ira Gershwin) (4:12)

9.Tribute to Our Fathers (7:40)


Sounds intriguing! Keep us posted! Best, Glo.


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I’m not sure Father & Sons ever made it to CD domestically.  I have the CD, but it is a Japanese import.  I lucked out and paid a domestic price for it too.  Lucky me.  If there was a domestic compact disc of F&H then it would have come out after I bought mine.

I wonder why it was never released on CD in the U.S.?  I wonder if someone involved wasn’t happy with their playing.


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I am not sure for this relation. Here many CD such type. I know a CD of bangladesh import that make the son and father for song album. If you know any specific CD , please share with us.


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