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Songs of Duke Ellington Performance


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Hey everyone! After seeing the LCJO last night in Ann Arbor I just want to say that all those of you that bought tickets to this tour are in for a treat. It was the best performance of the LCJO i have seen yet. So much precision, but so much style at the same time. Among others, Nimmer was unbelievable, and Sean Jones reached the stratosphere on more than one occasion during the night (it was the first time I have heard Double high Cs played live). Meeting them after the show was pretty cool too.


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Wow!......I am really looking forward to hearing/seeing Wynton & the LCJO again. Last year was awesome with John Coltrane’s “Love Supreme”. This year I am anticipating a ten-fold presentation of Duke Ellington’s love songs.

You are so very fortunate to have met up with Wynton and the guys after the performance….I am sooo jealous!  (I’ve been to New York 3 times this year and each time I’ve missed him by a day!!  AAUUGGHH!!)


However— The last two years, I HAVE been fortunate enough to attend the sound check before the concert. What a thrill it is for the kids!! ... And this year the LCJO will be here on Mardi Gras!! How cool is that?!!! 


We wanted to do something special for the band in the “Green Room”;  like hang beads, paint walls, etc..bake an authentic King Cake, maybe make some gumbo, fried shrimp, chicken…etc…....  but we were emailed a nice letter back from the road staff that stated….“due to extensive performances, a strenuous schedule, etc,. etc., etc…. the band had to decline our invitation”.......we totally understand….......


So sad…. The kids would of had such a great time decorating and cooking for them!!!  Oh well… maybe next time…...


...  Anyways…..we will ALL have a great time!!! I will give a complete review Feb 6th. and included any pictures I get. Hopefully, and just maybe, the kids will get to see/meet some of the band members….