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Getzen Genesis 3003 Bb trumpet


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I am looking for a good trumpet that blends well with the rest of the section, but that can still separate me from the rest when I play solos and when I eventually take up jazz. I have heard that this trumpet sometimes doesn’t blend well with the rest of the trumpet section. Is this true? Is it really a great classical instrument as well? I will be a freshman in college starting next week at UNF and I am a music performance major. Is this the trumpet for me?


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I don’t know much about getzen trumpet what trumpet do you have know. A Bach would be a fine trumpet for you to have.


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This horn is probably most used as a small group jazz horn, its very dark and somewhat diffused sound may not be appropriate for all around classical playing…or even in a section for big band playing….you should probably wait and discuss this with your college teacher and see what he recommends…you have the rest of your life to buy your dream jazz horn…..