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Hi glo…and other pianists

I just bought Piano by James Barron; it follows the making of a Steinway Concert Grand from beginning to end. I am very eager to get started reading this book, lots of history here and cultural insights…immigrants, industry, urbanization, mechanization, gender matters, class, etc. Should be some music in here somewhere too! Should be a good read. Barron is a journalist and so I am interested in his writing style in this book. Anyway, do you know the book?


Also, I ordered a book (fiction) called Joplin’s Ghost. A former student recommended it. I cannopt recall the author’s name right now but I am eager for the read.







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Hi J! Will look up the Steinway and Joplin books. Every Steinway piano manufactured has been recorded, not only by serial number, but with specific inscriptions about the purchasers and locations. So there’s interesting history, traceable like geneaology! It’s been quiet on the forum…

Came across a Congo Square radio show http://www.americanroutes.org playlist 8/23, with highlights of the new composition. There’s lots more diversity in the long work, but this is a nice representation recorded at New Orleans premiere, and I thought you’d be interested. Have been reading about Ellington and Strayhorn compositions posthumously published. Did Diane Reeves record all the Strayhorn songs recovered several years ago? His family donated scores to Univ. of Chicago. Have a nice Labor Day holiday; Coltrane book is another treatise! Glo…