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I am such the academic but guess what? I went to the Iridium tonight and was blown away by the live music. Live music makes such a difference. Of course I knew that already from all I have read but in being in NYC again? There is NOTHING like this experience. I had forgotten what live music was like. WHen I was young, I listened to all kinds of live music but it was in small venues and in…non public places, if that makes sense. STreet musicians. Anyway, tonight? Increibel!

I heard James Carter on Saxes, Reginold VEal on bass, Wycliff Gordon on trombone, Cyrus Chesnutt on keyboards, and Ali Jackson on drums. FANTASTIC. Ok. The style of music was not my liking…some 70s sounding grrovy stuff BUT Wycliff was SWEET and tender on his trombone and as light and as airy as a feather. Did not care for James Carter…he blew a LOT of air thru his horn and his notes were forced air and harsh sounding BUT I liked his passion and the feeling he exhibited while playing. Thought he was a really intense and passionate instrumentalist. Appreciated his conviction though I did not cae for his style. He was abrasive and rude, if that makes sense. Not for my liking but he is an talented sould to watch.


Cyrus was fluid in the diversity of skills he presented. He played the Harmon B, acuostic and electronic keyboards. He was versatile and bluesy. Increible. He sent me to church. I raised my hand and waved it in the air with my eyes closed.


Reginld VEal? It was new to me to hear him play electric bass. Did not care for this as much as the acuostic bass he played later but liked the difference in sound and style.


Did I mention I LOVED Wycliff?! Ali was fluid and intense. Loved the diversity of his sound and style.


Live music makes all the difference.





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