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Was anyone at Wynton’s show in Boston the other night?  I sat 9th row and the show was wonderful.  They played pretty much the whole “Magic Hour” album, but did some really creative re-arranging of the songs to give them extra length and depth.  Especially to the song ‘The Magic Hour’—I couldn’t stop listening to the new album the next day, hearing new things in the songs and enjoying them even more.  Such a creative bunch of musicians.  They had a trombone player from the LCJO sit in with them, but I can’t recall his name just now (not Wycliffe).  They all played very relaxed and let the music unfold gradually.  Wynton told lots of stories and was funny and charming, of course.  An amazing night of music that I didn’t want to end.  If anyone else was there, I’d love to hear your impressions.


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Was good but you could tell the musicians were tired. The music was slower (than the album) and I felt the drummer might have turned up the heat a bit more.  Also I think that the sound man should always keep the bass player (who sings as he plays) turned up a level so we can hear him cause he can swing hard!!! The pianist was just Dr cool and I love Wynton for taking a back seat to the ‘young ones’. He stood off at the back during the grooves but solos out front.

The write up in the Boston Globe next day talked about lack of fire and I too felt it was luke warm. It did get better after the intermission.

Wynton as always responds well to audience appreciation and rose to another level when the audience partipates in clapping. True as a New Orlean he needs a call and response to rise out of himself (especially when tired?) Wait til Licncoln Center’s JAZZ venue opens in the fall-he’ll really get to goin then.

I have nothing but love and respect for Wynton and appreciate how hard his tour schedule is to work. Unfortunately critics are unsympathetic to the last leg of a tour and they don’t always hear what they hear. I think that merely for the fact that a critic is listening for something, that they don’t fully appreciate something for what it is in that moment!

The trombone player was Andre Haywood-a Bostonian.

FYI: I put Baby I Love you on my answer machine and as one caller said “I don’t know whether to sing and dance or leave a message” Another said she did all three!!!

Keep swingin-