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I just found this website. I am amazed to find so many like-minded people! What’s the fartheset you’ve traveled to hear live jazz? What is your most memorable jazz moment? Mine was first hearing Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” it totaly assaulted my senses, it was so complex! I kept listening to it trying to make sense of it. It is still one of my favorites.



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Farthest? Not very far… Only 6 hours worth drive time.

Most memorable… Meeting Wynton, going to eat with Earl Vantrese, and talking with Maynard Ferguson for nearly an hour!


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1) I live in Minnesota….I’ve been to 2 IAJE festivals….my first in New Orleans, my second in NYC. Lots of good memories there.

2) well, the first I can remember is definately hearing “A Love Supreme”, but the most memorable is the time Wynton, and the newest formation of his quintet, played at the club I work at. Nice 55-seat club…..Wynton and Wess and Eric Lewis no more than 5 or 7 feet away from me, ohhhh and by the way, Itzhak Pearlman (one of the best if not THE best violin players in the world) stopped by to jam on a tune in the third set.

Good times :)