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septet composition


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I have tickets for WM & Septet on March 8th at Zoellner. Who is touring in the septet with Wynton? Is the septet all acoustic or electric or both?

Are there any recordings available with this group?

Any idea of a set list for this show?

Thanks for any and all info.

Zoellner is a great space. Wynton will love it.


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Hello Scott,
Wynton will be touring with:

Richard Johnson - Piano
Reginald Veal - Bass
Herlin Riley - Drums
Victor Goines - Clarinet and Saxophones
Wess Anderson - Alto & Sopranino Saxophones
Ron Westray - Trombone

There are some recordings with this group or members of the group, including All Rise, Marciac Suite, & Live at the Village Vanguard box set.

As for what will be played, Wynton and the band don’t have a set setlist, but it will likely include classics by John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Art Blakey and Wynton himself.

Hope this helps!