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I dont know if Mr. Marsalis will ever read this but I just wanted to say, the way you play really inspires my hoofin alot.. im a newbie but I get the feeling of what I should do when I hear you laying it down, one of my real lifetime goals is to dance with you with you play just like how my tap fathers came before me….. The Nicolas Brothers with Cab Calloway and Baby Laurence with Charlie Parker…the list continues…. I want that feeling of being up there and really gettin it in and just keep that tradition alive of ” every jazz band had a tap dancer”...I mean outside of being able to dance for you and with you I want to learn about jazz in its entirety, I feel that your the one to possibly teach what I need to know about this great art and apply it to myself… I mean from history to rhythm,  to bebop, up swing, ALL of it. I really wish to me you someday and just listen to what you have to say and hear the stories of a real jazz musican… well hopefully this reaches someone. Thanks for reading!!!

Chris. D