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Dr Simon McGrail for lip injuries?


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I have suffered some lip problems for a few years now, initially due to an embouchure change. I believe I have physically damaged my lip muscle in the past, and that the problem still exists to a certain extent now…


I would love to know for sure whether there is some physical damage to my lip muscle and whether it will heal completely or whether it might be worth having surgery on it.


From browsing on the internet I have found a lot of reference to Dr Simon McGrail in relation to lip injuries. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with more information on him and what he does?


How can I get in contact with him?

How would he examine my lip to see what damage there might be? Would it be some form of x-ray?

What is the procedure to fix lip damage?

If I needed surgery, would I have to stop playing for a certain amount of time afterwards? And if so, how long would this be?

Does anyone know what the likely costs for a consultation / surgery would be?


I am hoping that some people might have had experiences with him that they can pass on to me…