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A request for your jazz in the deep south….


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It was only about ten minutes ago that I learned of Wynton by happening upon a interview with him on PBS Channel 8 here in Houston, TX. I have to say…I was completely drawn in within the first few seconds of his words that effectively expressed his views on jazz music and its contributions to all walks of life and races. Being a musician myself and having a deep-rooted love for jazz music since having grown up in a small town outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, I was moved to inquire further into his biography and future opportunities for me to experience his music live. Unfortunately, I am disappointed to see that there are no future plans to tour anywhere more south than North Carolina in the near future or Georgia over the next year. My question is this: Why does such a talented and profoundly versed man in the area of jazz and its effects and contributions on Americans as a whole, not choose (or rather, choose to relinquish control to those in management that have forgotten heritage due to the seduction of business and money) to play in some of the areas where jazz was born and heritage still thrives? I am a 33-year old, Southern white woman multi-colored by the different cultures, personalities, art and music of my youth. Whether that music be the strum of a banjo or the back beats of a jazz drum, music connects us all. Isn’t that what you say to us, Wynton?

  So, Wynton, this I ask,  will you please include the far from scenic, yet rich with soul, New Orleans, LA to Houston, TX 400 mile stretch….in your personal jazz connection?


Hoping you do,

Lindsey Baccari