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In the words of Marvin……………”What’s going on???”


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In the words of Marvin……………”What’s going on???”  Are kids really not interested in Jazz?

About me:  I have to say as a very young child I became a junky for jazz.  After hearing Kind of Blue in the cradle I was hooked for life.  There are many things in my life that can be categorized as luxuries but Jazz……..oh no….. Jazz is an absolute necessity.  I could not imagine my life without Jazz.


As my nieces and nephews grow older I try to get a better understanding of why they have no interest in jazz.  They bring their iPods when they ride in my car just so they don’t have to listen.  I have tried explaining the true genius and talent behind Jazz but they aren’t having it.  They are more interested in the smoke & mirrors of the R&B and hip-hop artist. 


Are they any suggestions out there on introducing pre-teens to Jazz especially Live Jazz???