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Playing tips?


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Hello, everyone. I’m new here, and I’ve only been playing trumpet for three months.

I’m currently working on a Music Culminating Activity for high school, and chose to do mine on Wynton Marsalis. We need to write a short biography of our chosen person and I’m getting most of my information from his website. I also need tips on how to improve my playing, for full marks.

I was wondering if Wynton himself comes on these forums, as it would be an honour to get tips directly from him, but if not, is there a section on the website that might contain something like that?

Thanks for any feedback. Would be much appreciated.


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No, not that I know of Mr. Marsalis doesn’t come on these forums unless he is an undercover profile. Some playing tips from me would be to always practice, be persistent, and have patience when you need to improve. I’ve also been pondering, and I postulated that you should hold your head up more, push your air out with your stomach, and try to open your throat and think of making an “O” shape with your note for a broader sound. Hope this helped:)!