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Fred Mills - Rest Peacefully


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Fred Mills, formerly of the Canadian Brass, an amazing trumpet player, teacher, arranger, coach, and personal friend has passed tragically in a car crash on 7 September, 2009. 

From the Canadian Brass website:

“Fred lofted the piccolo trumpet into an indispensable role in the brass quintet, brought a new level of musical quality to the brass quintet repertoire through his arrangements, many of which are now considered absolute standard repertoire and spent over fifty years helping establish the trumpet as a beautiful, lyrical voice amongst solo orchestral instruments.


He inspired so many people as a founding member of the Canadian Brass from its formation. He had a unique ability to communicate through music and on a personal level.


Through the excellence of his performances and the quality of his arrangements he helped lift the brass quintet repertoire from a curiosity to a legitimate and accepted art form rivaling the string quartet.


His dedication and natural talent as a communicator to passing his love of music on to young people is part of his continuing legacy to the international world of music.


He was a Canadian treasure who changed the world’s musical perspective.”


He is greatly missed.