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Master Class Jazz - Wynton Marsalis

Master Class – Jazz, has Wynton working with a Jazz quintet. There is in depth discussion and demonstration of all aspects of the rhythm section as well as the front line horns. Concepts of improvisation, playing as a group including techniques of listening and interacting as a group are also covered. This one is cram packed with information for players and teachers who work with small groups and big bands.

Table of content:

  • Swing & Time
  • New Orleans
  • On rap music
  • Group Instruction
  • Church Influence
  • Classic Vs Jazz
  • Rhythmic Ideas
  • Louis Armstrong

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Master Class Jazz - Wynton Marsalis

Album Info

Ensemble Wynton Marsalis
Release Date June 25th, 2006
Formats DVD
Genre Educational Recordings


DVD PlayinTime Productions

Liner Notes

This program was filmed in February 1995 at the Lied Center of Kansas, University of Kansas.

Executive Producer: Edward Arrendell II
Hosted by Wynton Marsalis
Concept and content by Wynton Marsalis and Sandly Feldstein
Produced by Sandy Feldstein adn Dave Olive
Directio, Video Editing, & DVD Authoring: Dave Olive


Mr. Marsalis’ Students:
Steve Erickson (Piano); Mike Warren (drums); Todd Harshbarger (bass); Paul Harr (tenor sax); Mark Howard (alto sax).

Wynton Marsalis Quartet:
Wynton Marsalis (trumpet); Eric Reed (piano); Reuben R. Rogers (bass); Ali Jackson (drums)