Master Class – Jazz, has Wynton working with a Jazz quintet. There is in depth discussion and demonstration of all aspects of the rhythm section as well as the front line horns. Concepts of improvisation, playing as a group including techniques of listening and interacting as a group are also covered. This one is cram packed with information for players and teachers who work with small groups and big bands.

Table of content:

  • Swing & Time
  • New Orleans
  • On rap music
  • Group Instruction
  • Church Influence
  • Classic Vs Jazz
  • Rhythmic Ideas
  • Louis Armstrong

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Liner Notes

This program was filmed in February 1995 at the Lied Center of Kansas, University of Kansas.

Executive Producer: Edward Arrendell II
Hosted by Wynton Marsalis
Concept and content by Wynton Marsalis and Sandly Feldstein
Produced by Sandy Feldstein adn Dave Olive
Directio, Video Editing, & DVD Authoring: Dave Olive


Mr. Marsalis’ Students:
Steve Erickson (Piano); Mike Warren (drums); Todd Harshbarger (bass); Paul Harr (tenor sax); Mark Howard (alto sax).

Wynton Marsalis Quartet:
Wynton Marsalis (trumpet); Eric Reed (piano); Reuben R. Rogers (bass); Ali Jackson (drums)