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Haydn: Three Favorite Concertos

Haydn: Three Favorite Concertos

Album Info

Ensemble Wynton Marsalis with National Philharmonic Orchestra
Release Date October 25th, 1990
Formats CD, Digital Download, LP
Genre Classical Recordings


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Track Listing

Track Length Preview
Concerto in E-Flat Major for Trumpet and Orchestra
I – Allegro 6:17 Play
II – Andante 3:14 Play
III – Allegro 4:26 Play
Concerto in D Major for Cello and Orchestra, Op. 101
I – Allegro 14:11 Play
II – Andante 5:53 Play
III – Allegro 4:17 Play
Concerto in C Major for Violin and String Orchestra, Hob. Villa, No.1
I – Allegro moderato 10:13 Play
II – Adagio 5:10 Play
III – Presto 4:27 Play

Liner Notes

Trumpet Concerto

Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) wrote his Concerto in E-Flat Major for Trumpet and Orchestra in 1796, when he was in his sixty-fourth year. The Concerto owes its existence to the invention by Anton Weidinger, in the 1790s, of a radically different instrument, the keyed trumpet. (Its predecessor is called the natural trumpet, a larger instrument restricted by its physical characteristics to the notes of one harmonic series.) Now at last, the trumpet was able to play all notes of the chromactic scale and, thus, to modulate to different keys and respond to the orchestra in any of them. Haydn was intrigued by the keyed trumpet – an instrument which, however, was short-lived, replaced in 1813 by the more versatile valve trumpet that we know today.


Wynton Marsalis (Trumpet), National Philharmonic Orchestra, Raymond Leppard (Dir.).
Yo-Yo Ma (Cello), English Chamber Orchestra, Jose-Luis Garcia (Dir.)
Cho-Liang Lin (Violin),Minnesota Orchestra, Neville Marriner (Dir.)

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